Who we are

The concept was created in 1993 as a Sole Proprietorship by Keith Johnson Graduate of Shannon College of Hotel Management. http://www.shannoncollege.com/study-at-shannon-college/courses/ . Keith’s passion for food and people has led the team on a unique journey to where we are today.

The Company was incorporated in 2008 becoming Simply Delicious Inc. and enjoyed continuous growth while maintaining a hand selected, taste tested product line of the highest quality. Our unique approach is to offer *Old World Market Style Foods* focusing on end customer satisfaction. The company’s focus is selling to Independent Grocers, offering a customized product presentation, while maintaining specialized product selection of exceptional quality.

At Simply, we carry hundreds of item skews in house, from distributors who we’ve built strong relationships with over the last three decades. This allows us to offer our customers unique access to some of the best products on the market at highly competitive prices. We strive to acquire products as locally as possible while keeping the environment and our local economy in mind.

Simply Delicious promotes healthy living in every aspect of daily life. We will always promote products that are of superior quality. We will, through education, promote what we feel are the wisest choices, but the final selection will always be for the consumer to make. We will always primarily offer products we believe are of superior and sincere quality. Further we will also carry any products that the customer is requesting.

Where we are

Our team is in Kitchener, On. This is the most central location to service our customers across all Southwestern Ontario.